Our Visit to 5th Class

To learn a little more about floating and sinking we took a visit to the pros in 5th Class. They showed us their wonderful Young Scientist project ‘Cruise Liners and Cargo Ships: How Do They Float?’ It was superb and the Class were excellent teachers!  We learned a lot about floating, density and how big boats float even though they are so big and heavy.

Thank you so much Ms. O’Connor and 5th Class.


Floating and Sinking

1st class have been doing lots of science recently and have been exploring the idea of floating and sinking. We carried out an experiment to test different items to see which would float and which would sink. We worked in groups and had to make predictions before we carried out the experiment. Then we recorded our results. We discovered that light items don’t necessarily float! We also discovered that wood floats very well. 

If you would like to read about our experiment there is a display in the hallway outside out classroom. 

Can anyone remember what a fair test is? ☺