What A Special Day!

Last Friday the Abaana New Life Choir came to visit us in Kill o the Grange. We were treated to a wonderful half hour concert where we heard some familiar songs but also some traditional African songs and dances. 

In 1st class we were lucky enough to welcome Patience, Sam, Breda and Dorcas into our class for the day. They joined in with our maths class and learned how to do addition with renaming in record speed. We then had a great afternoon of art and games with 2nd class. 

What a truly special day it was having such warm and happy children join us for the day. 


Boat Building

1st class also made boats from plaster cinema as part of our experiments about floating and sinking. We worked in pairs to make a boat that would float. It was harder than we thought it would be. Although some of our boats looked like they would float they sank as soon as we put them on water. We looked at each others designs and decided that our boats needed a flat base and some sort of side to keep the water out. 

Once our boats were able o flat we then had to see how many “passengers” our boats would hold. We used dry beans as passengers. 

Here are some photos of us at work.