The Day The Easter Bunny Got Sick.

What a catastrophe! The poor Easter Bunny got sick and couldn’t deliver the Easter eggs. Luckily 1st Class came up with some super solutions. Read our wonderful stories which are on the wall just outside the classroom door. 

A huge well done to Téa, Chloe, Daniel, Astrid and Susanna who won a chocolate Easter bunny for their superb stories. Mrs. McDowell had such a tricky time choosing winners that a few other children in 1st class earned some malteasers for their stories too. You all did a great job!


A musical treat…

On Friday Hari brought in his recorder and played two pieces of music for us.

What a wonderful, note perfect performance it was and all playedfrom memory too. Such a treat for us all in 1st Class.

Thank you Hari and well done. Keep up the great work!

Making a Mummy!

1st class have been learning about ancient Egypt and last week we learned how to make a mummy.  We even turned Molly into a mummy! 

If you’d like to learn about how the ancient Egyptians made mummies pop into 1st Class and have a look at our instructions. Be warned though, it’s a bit gruesome!

Ta da!!! Our finished mummy : )