Maths Fun

Last week 1st Class were learning about weight and the kilogramme. 

We had great fun finding out how many apples, oranges, pears and maths books would balance a kilogramme.

We were also exploring what items were heavier than, about the same as or lighter than a kilogramme. We had a lot of fun!


Beautiful Butterflies!

1st class have been learning all about Butterflies in school. We have even got some caterpillars in our classroom! We are hoping to see them create a cocoon and turn into butterflies very soon! 
Last week we made balancing butterflies. It was pretty tricky! We had to be very gentle and patient while we found the balancing point. Once we got the hang of it we were balancing butterflies all around the classroom. Take a look at our photos 📷

Stay tuned for an update on our caterpillars!