Bye Bye Butterflies!

Today we released our 10 butterflies in the school garden. Most of them flew away quite quickly but two decided to hang around and spend some time with some of 1st Class before they headed off. One even used it’s proboscis to get nectar from a flower begore it flew away. We got a great close up view which was amazing!


School Tour to Lullymore!

1st and 2nd class enjoyed a great school tour to Lullymore Heritage Park and Farm. 1st Class got go on the train around the bog before we headed off to look at the mud house and a crannóg. People lived in crannógs 6000 years ago!

We also learned about hedge schools. Lotspdpeoplefancied being the look out who was up a tree!

After the history tour we went off in search of fairies in the fairy village and made a wish at the wishing tree. We even met a very friendly female robin.

Next it was off to the farm to meet Flash and Meg the shire horses that work on the bog along with the donkeys, some falabella ponies, hens and a grumpy looking alpaca!

After lunch we had great fun playing in the playground before heading inside to the indoor play area before it was time to hit the road back to school.

Here are some photos from our tour.

Balancing Butterflies

First class have been learning about butterflies recently. Our caterpillars have all formed a chrysalis and we are waiting to see the butterflies emerge. While we wait we made some butterfliesof our own. First we designed their wings patterns and then we had to cut them out and try to balancing them on different things. It was very tricky but we got there.