It’s Math Week!

We have been having so much fun with maths this week in 1st Class. We put aside our maths books and have been enjoying maths stations. Each station had a different game and everyone got to play each game. We also got to complete a maths trail outside. It was much fun. On Friday we played a game in the hall that Hugo and Andrew in 4th class made for us. It was great fun. Thank you so much Hugo and Andrew!!

Here are a few photos of us enjoying maths week.



We been doing gymnastics for the past few weeks in P.E. We have been looking at different ways of travelling and rolling and have started working on cartwheels. Here are a few photos of us in action!

We are ninjas! 

…and aeroplanes!

…and superheroes!

The Twits

1st Class have been doing brilliant work about the Twits. We have completed wanted posters about Mr. Twit and have written recipes for wormy spaghetti….delicious! We created colourful Roly Poly bird collages and also drew portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Twit using chalk pastels and charcoal.

When we finished reading the book we thought it might be a good idea to give Mr. and Mrs. Twit some advice about how to be nicer (and cleaner!) people so we wrote letters to them. Don’t worry, we were very polite!

Here are some pictures of our super work.