Maze Madness!

1st and 2nd class had a super trip to Greenan Maze for their school tour. The rain even stayed away until the last few found their way to the centre of the maze (Okay, maybe they were given a little help!)

We had great fun looking at the old farm machinery and tools and guessing what they were used for. We looked around a house that we just a little different to those we live in now. We all loved meeting Sonic the pony and the other animals on the farm. We’re not sure if we found all the fairy doors on the nature walk. The games they organised were great fun and quite tricky! 

But the highlight of the day had to be the maze. It was superb! The hedges were thick and high so there was definitely no way of cheating! Mrs. McDowell was no good and got completely lost….several times! But eventually the little group of us that stuck together made it to the little pond full of tadpoles in the centre just before we has to jump on the bus to go home.

As we were split into 3 groups I’m afraid I don’t have photos of everyone : (

On the nature walk….

Who knows what this is for?

A few new friends…

Enjoying some lunch…

Fun and games…

Uh oh! We’re lost…..

We made it!!!


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